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EKG's scalable, energy eficiency and engineering support services business model for ESCOs and energy engineering companies and our methodical TEAM process, tailored for end-user clients, ensure our services impact the entire spectrum of the energy value chain for building assets, especially enterprises and those clients with facility portfolios.

EKG's Offerings

Online Energy and Utility Management, Benchmarking, Monitoring and Alarming
e-Bench™ (click to view the e-Bench website)
Data Systems
Short and long-term interval data
Proactive DataManager© Series of data systems
Equipment level metering and analysis
Data analysis, monitoring and alarming
Energy Efficiency and Engineering Support Services
  Level I, II and III ASHRAE energy surveys and studies (audits)
  Facility energy and utility bill metrics and EUI (energy use index) analysis
  Assimilate and scan/index blueprints, drawings, AutoCAD files
  Comprehensive on-site collection of physical building and load information (Site Data Package) for the purpose of populating building simulation models
  On-site surveys to identify and recommend energy reduction opportunities with an emphasis on “forward thinking” solutions and renewable energy concepts
  Mechanical equipment inventory
  Lighting surveys; photometric analysis
  TRACE® building simulation modeling
Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)
  EKG's Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) offering is an ongoing process to resolve building operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify retrofits for existing buildings and central plant facilities.