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The EKG Project Experience

EKG has developed a very methodical process, strategy and conduct for energy efficiency projects. All projects are checklist and Gantt chart driven to ensure your project is completed on schedule per the negotiated timeline and Scope of Work (SOW). We have a robust FTP site where all electronic files and images/pictures are available to all involved personnel and staff. EKG is constantly striving to find technologies and methodologies to enhance our processes.

Our in-field personnel are seasoned, courteous and respectful of the client and tenants spaces and personnel. During the on-site work, EKG personnel are required to maintain a professional demeanor and presence as well as a keen awareness of any sensitive issues tenants may have. EKG's personnel have worked in extremely high security properties such as NASA and can accommodate any security clearance requirement.

The combination of our experienced, technically proficient personnel and our proven approach to engaging and completing a project will have you, just like our previous clients, repeatedly turning to EKG to join your team to successfully complete your projects, or to provide the building owner/manager with a turnkey solution.