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Company Overview

We specialize in partnering with the ESCO (Energy Services Company) industry as well as energy engineering firms. The client facility managers apply our TEAM (Total Energy Action Model) approach to ensure every aspect of energy reduction and building performance is addressed. We prepare your facilities for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-a Green Building Rating System) certification and Energy Star (A voluntary certification program designed to increase incentives for companies to develop energy efficient electrical products. ) rated recognition. The end goal is not only long-term energy cost savings but sustainable building performance.

With 25 years of experience in the energy reduction industry, Energy Knowledge Group offers engineering support services to ESCOs, engineering firms and end users requiring forward-thinking,  services. Our company offers many advantages:

  • Scalable operations business model - we mobilize the right expertise and resources for your energy project requirements

  • Results-driven TEAM (Total Energy Action Model) process - a step-by-step method of analyzing, assessing, measuring, monitoring, implementing and managing energy projects for long-term sustainable results

  • Proprietary data systems - offering a low-cost, highly effective and efficient means of acquiring, measuring, monitoring and alarming energy data

  • Broad industry experience - proven cost-saving results with a track record of developing, implementing, managing and sustaining energy reduction and savings over the long term

  • ESCOs and engineering companies repeatedly call EKG for their services confirming their belief in EKG’s scalable energy engineering services model