Proven Solutions that Reduce Energy and Operating Costs
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    Energy and Utility Management

    e-Bench™, the Premier Energy and Utility Management Web Portal

    e-Bench™ is the premier online energy and utility management system.
    Energy is typically the second highest expense for a building, the most controllable and yet by far the least understood by management. e-Bench™ gives you the tools and knowledge needed to finally take control of your energy and O&M costs.

  • Data Systems


    Data Systems

    Our data systems are the most efficient, effective and economical in the industry and work both across the United States and throughout the world.

  • Demand-side Services



    EKG demand-side services and products primarily impact a building's performance and utility demand. Services include:
    Level I, II and III ASHRAE energy studies (audits) | Energy, lighting surveys and data collection | TRACE® building simulation modeling | Photometric analyses | Project management of energy efficiency | Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) | Predominant use studies

  • Managed Services


    Managed Services

    As a component of the TEAM process, EKG assures long-term sustainability of your energy cost savings. The process includes:
    e-Bench™, an online, comprehensive energy and utility management system
    Monitoring and Alarming (M&A)
    Energy Management
    Measurement and Verification (M&V)

  • News and Events


    News and Events

    EKG Now Represents e-Bench™ in the United States and Canada
    EKG Strengthens its Presence in the U.S. with New Allied Partners
    Myck Resource Group, LLC, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and Surrounding Area/States
    Parker Consulting, Chicago, Illinois and Surrounding Area/States
    Astara, LLC, Greater New Jersey and Surrounding Area/States
    A. Green Energy & Construction, Charlotte, North Carolina and Surrounding Area/States


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    Contact Us

    Contact EKG now to discuss your single- or multi-building portfolio. We will start the process of evaluating and assessing your portoflio's energy and utility information so in the end game you will have the knowledge and education to make sound business decisions about your company’s second largest

Why we make a difference


EKG provides services and products that significantly reduce utility demand, consumption and related O&M and deferred maintenance costs for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Our goal is to measurably reduce energy costs on a sustainable long-term basis with short-term paybacks. Energy efficiency is not just about saving energy, it is an investment opportunity with low risk. An initial rate of return (IRR) of 10+% is common, with some measures reaping up to 20% IRR and a 1-3 year return on investment (ROI). We have developed a unique scalable business operating model that includes energy engineering support services that can serve national and international companies.

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Our expertise


EKG services and offers solutions for end-user clients, engineering companies and energy service companies (ESCOs). To ensure we have the resources for every project we developed a scalable operating model that enables us to quickly mobilize professional energy engineers (PE) or a team of skilled field technicians to collect data for energy studies. Our data systems are the most efficient, effective and economical in the industry and work both across the United States and throughout the world. We have proven sustainable energy reduction results that have brought us progressively more business and recognition.

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Our experience


EKG has 25 years of broad range energy-use reduction experience helping diverse industries significantly cut their energy operating costs. We offer common sense energy reduction solutions for any facility’s HVAC, mechanical and miscellaneous systems and O&M and deferred maintenance costs/issues. We have experience in refrigerated warehouses, hospitals, commercial multi tenant buildings, universities, K-12 and many other building markets. Our model is flexible in that we can work directly with an end-user client or provided outsourced services to an ESCO or an engineering firms.

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